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Graceland Primary (1-3 Grade)

“Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay. You are the potter. Your hands made all of us”. (Isaiah 64:8)

미션 (Mission)

To grow in Christ and His saving Grace, so that students become salt and the light in the world.

행사 및 알림 (Events and information)

First Sunday Worship Service : 9:10 am @ 1-3 Grade Office
Second Sunday Worship Service : 11:45 am @ 1-3 Grade Chapel
JanuaryNew Year's Day Worship
Valentine's Day Activities
Bible Memory Verse Contests
Easter Celebration
Earth Day Celebration
MayChildren's Day Celebration
VBS (June)
Hallelujah Night (Oct. 31st)
Thanksgiving Service/Activities
Christmas Worship/Presentation
Other Outings

교사들 (Our teachers)

담당사역자 Leader: Intern Pastor Daniel Kang (JDS)
담당부장 Director: Sarah Lee (JS)
Team Leaders: Sally Kim (JS)
1st Grade Teacher: Susan Kim, Conner Yun
2nd Grade Teacher: Aaron Yoon, Matthew Paik, Stella Kim, Eliana Kim, Grace Kim
3rd Grade Teacher: Larry Won, Jessica Jeong, Tabitha Kim, Bibian Lee. Cherin Yoo
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